Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm Late Again, but There is Lettuce, and the R Key is Sticking

Yeah, that's pretty much it. I spent today brutalizing some cupboards in order to get them cleaned up and more presentable. Besides, loose flour can attract weevils and I do not like weevils. But in a non cabinet related note, my lettuce has sprouted! I have all these little 1/4 inch plants hanging out in my garden. The corn salad and the spinach are slacking though. I've only got a few spinach up and the corn salad is taking its sweet time, but since I don't know what it is or what it's capable of, I'm not going to get on its case. And yeah, I really have to smack the "r" key. A new keyboard might be a sooner rather than later thing at this rate.

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