Thursday, July 29, 2010

Abyssal Wells

Just got an offer from Full Armor Magazine to publish my poem "Abyssal Wells". Woohoo! It's one of the poems I am the most happy with so I'm glad to see it get out there.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Latest in Rejections

I'm not usually one to post my rejection letters, but this one was something special. In a good way. It's rare for me to get a rejection letter that actually really encourages me. Sure, I'd like to hear "we love it, we'll take it", but I'll take this as a close second best.

I'm so sorry for the wait, the *awesome magazine* editors have been slammed with submissions.
Your story, "Morning's Light" was well received by our editors, and has been biding it's time here on our 'maybe' desk. Most of us here at *awesome magazine* are on the fence about your submission. I will say, as lead editor, that I found your characters well formed and the plot interesting. With that said, *awesome magazine* is not going to accept "Morning's Light", simply because it didn't awe us enough to make it out of the maybe pile.

We all agree that you are a good writer, and can tell a good story. We'd like to see more from you in the future.

It's hearing stuff like this that makes me keep working, keep trying, keep telling myself I'm going to kick this tiny folded flower habit of mine and spend more time writing. (I'm not really serious about kicking the folded flower habit, I love my crafts almost more than I love my writing, but I do need to spend more time typing and less time with the sewing kit.)

It can be brutal trying to get into the publishing world. It seems like I'm always prying at locks and hoping stories sneak in through the window, but when I hear encouraging stuff like this, I know I'm making headway. And hey, maybe one day the door will open and someone will invite my stories to come in and stop skulking in the bushes a little more often.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not the Most to Say

The simple truth is just that I haven't been very productive in my writing lately. I keep throwing it over for chores, cooking, my small business. Though I am proud of the things I have been crafting. They're more "hands on" than writing, but both are an exercise in thought and creativity .

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Walk Among the Flowers

Plants have always held a special place in my life and my interests. My mother taught me how to find mushrooms and wild berries when I was younger. I worked caring for over an acre of gardens while I was in high school. I studied horticulture on the side while I attended university.

And now, I've found that plants can be an inspiration for my writing.

There was ample chance for inspiration and enjoyment on the hike I took with my mother and a close friend this week. The whole mountainside was in bloom, and even if no story ever comes of the sights, I've got a wonderful folder full of colorful little snippets of time.