Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Thoughts of a Week

Things have been pretty busy for me lately, and unfortunately it hasn't involved a ton of writing, but it has involved a lot of crafting.

I volunteer on my church's Women's Ministry Team and spring is always a busy time for us. We host brunches, for it is well known that all women love brunches, and we hold a silent auction to raise funds for our missionaries and sponsor various Women's Ministries events. This means I get to spend a bunch of time crafting, baking, and organizing things on various tables.

And I love it.

I taught myself how to make Kanzashi this year, which is the Japanese art of fabric flowers. I'm having a ton of fun with it. Unfortunately now I have a bunch of books I want to buy so I can learn even more.

And as far as the writing goes, I've got a few stories out bugging editors and right now I don't know what other markets I want to pursue, and there's only so much reading up on guidlines I can take in a month. I've done a couple short stories, but I'm not entirely happy with them so they get to lurk in a virtual folder until I figure out how to torture them some more.

Also, I have discovered I don't like lentils and lentils do not like me nor the ones I love. So I think lentils and I will go our separate ways. Lord knows I've tried more than once to make this relationship work, but it's just not meant to be.

The Kanzashi pictured are not mine. They were made by the very talented and far more advanced PetalMix of etsy

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