Monday, March 8, 2010

The Cat is a Weird One

Yes, yes she is. For one thing, she's all of seven pounds and roughly shaped like a beach ball. Her legs would be better suited to a basset hound or a weinerdog. But it goes beyond the look. Far beyond.

For one thing, she likes to bite my shins. It's like some weird form of affectionate expression for her, especially in the morning when I'm doing my hair and only when I'm wearing knee length skirts--most every other outfit means my shins are covered.

I solved this problem by keeping the cat out of the room, but sometimes I wander to a mirror in a different part of the house and she'll follow me. I figured I was safe today since I was wearing pants. No dice. She went for my toes. It is indeed quite difficult to do a french twist when the cat is trying to tooth your toes. I must start wearing socks. That way she'll have to go for the elbows and I know for a fact she can't jump that high.

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