Thursday, March 18, 2010

And It's Thursday

There goes my goal to update Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. In my defense, I think I have a reasonable excuse.

On Monday I was packing care kits for Haiti with my church. I was helping people, that counts for something right? (Like it totally excuses not updating).

On Tuesday I saw my nearest and dearest friend from high school off to her plane headed to Mexico. I won't see her again for another 10 months. I'll miss her, but I know she's following her dreams.

On Wednesday I helped my friend orchestrate a St. Patrick's Day celebration. I spent my time cooking (and eating) more corned beef hash than is reasonable for one person (and cookies, and bread pudding, and stew). So now I'm stuck glaring at the scale lurking in the bathroom closet. I know it's watching me. It doesn't have eyes but it watches.

And today I planted the lettuce, spinach, and corn salad (don't ask me, I don't quite know what it is either) that I should have planted yesterday but didn't get around to. Then I went grocery shopping. Then I came home. Good times, good times.

P.S. chicken wings are kinda slimy

The lovely lettuce picture comes from I only wish my lettuce looks like that when it does finally sprout and grow in. I just hope it sprouts. Haven't done salad greens before.

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