Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blowing Off the Dust

Since Bernadette made it into the quarterfinals, I figure that all hope for that series is not lost. In fact, I have a good deal of hope. So much hope that I went back into my folders and found the half finished sequel to Bernadette (that I had stopped writing because I wasn't sure Bernadette was up to snuff and I figured there was no point in writing a sequel if the prequel didn't make it out there). I read through it, and to my delight, found out that I still really like it. A lot.

Maybe it's just vanity and the fact that we all tend to love our literary children, even if they're malformed, bad at spelling, and just generally a grammatical wreck--but I'm glad that I can still make me laugh with my writing. And hey, I've read this stuff so many times I can probably recite good chunks of it, and if not that then give you a very good overview.

If nothing else, I do know I've got a couple people waiting to read Ria the Odd. If nothing else, that's enough for me. And hey, I guess it's good practice even if it doesn't pan out the way I want (panning out being me finding someone willing to publish it without me kidnapping a purse dog and holding it for ransom).

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