Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall is in the Air

Today, as I was making my way to the post office while trying to avoid collisions with parked cars (it's a real problem with me, I like to gawk at trees, houses, churches, etc, and it's what ended my very first attempt to ride without training wheels), I noticed that it was actually a...nice temperature outside.

This was great for me because it meant that I probably wasn't going to turn into a nasty little sweaty greaseball like I usually do when I'm on my package delivery trips. I deliver all packages for my little business on bike (unless it's the weekend, then I nab the car), so it's nice to think I'll get to look forward to cooler rides and fall colors.

Now here's hoping the weather doesn't pull a stunt like it did last year when it snowed early in the season and killed all chances of any nice fall colors down in the low lands. At least I got up to the aspens before everything went kaput.

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