Tuesday, August 17, 2010

15 Mildly Interesting Things About Myself

I figured I should make another post, and since I don't have the most to talk about writing wise (finished drafting another short story *cough*) I figured I would talk about myself a little. Since I like to flatter myself and tell myself other people want to know about me. Hah.

1. I was born in Deadwood, South Dakota. (And will subsequently never be able to paint my door purple because my mother has opinions on purple doors. Apparently it was a whore house thing there.)

2. My first memory is of the tree outside the home we were renting exploding. It sent glass and bark through the window due to a lightning strike. My crib was near that window and I have an image of a scared woman leaning over my crib in a white nightgown haloed in flickering light burned into my subconscious.

3. I have a stuffed bear called Blue Bear. Blue Bear has been with me since I was four. It is an obviously hand made creation with a face drawn on with permanent marker, but I love it.

4. I used to be pretty good with a throwing axe. I should find that axe. It was fun.

5. I've only ever dated one man. I married him. Love you honey!

6. I've got a birthmark looking thing that is supposedly a ingrown muscle. I don't quite know what this means or why it's important (other than apparently the thing I thought was a birthmark isn't). As long as it doesn't start squeaking or achieve sentience, it's all good.

7. I like to bake. I make cheesecakes for fun. I also eat them for fun, and this has a definite downside.

8. I learned to sew when I was 4. My parents still have some little beanbags hanging around the house with "I love you Mom" and "I love you Dad" written on them poorly. They are literally bags filled with beans. My sewing has improved since then. They still opt to keep the beanbags.

9. I hate rats. Really hate rats. I've had bad dreams about rats and other rodents as long as I can remember. Oddly enough, I can hold pet rats when they are foisted upon me, and do so without freaking out. But deep down, I still have this sensation that I am scratching the fuzzy ears of the enemy.

10. I used to surprise my parents regularly with breakfast in bed at 3 am. How I am still alive is still a mystery. I wonder if this is why my mom seemed so eager to teach me how to cook something other than cheerios and tea made with hot water (not boiling, just hot).

11. I had a cat named Frito. It's probably unadvisable to let a 4 year old name a pet. I also had a toad named Toady and a hamster that had as many names as there were days. I think Jupiter stuck for a while.

12. I played soccer for something like 8 years. I am somehow still not very good at soccer.

13. I'm not fond of ham or meatloaf. They are both edible when freshly baked, but their uses are very suspect after this point.

14. My eyes are greenish. Sometimes they pick brownish or bluish. They're fickle like that.

15. My hair is something like 42 inches long now. It's crazy.

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